Greystone Centennial
Middle School (5–9)

Our School

At Greystone Centennial Middle School we believe that the middle years is a time to exert extra effort to make school appealing by engaging students in learning and by offering them a variety of activities to keep them connected to the school community.

Unique Features of our School

  • Highly collaborative teaching teams who remain with the same group of students for 2 years to establish strong supportive relationships that promote individualized, personalized learning for students. Teachers really get to know the unique learning needs of their students.
  • Students are expected to think deeply about their learning and make connections to the real world outside of school.
  • Students are meaningfully involved in their own assessment and assist in developing clear criteria for achieving excellence.
  • Flexible teaching spaces enable staff to group students in ways that are most responsive to learning needs.
  • Focus on preparing students for the 21st century by developing skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and perseverance.
  • Students are encouraged to bring and use their personal technology devices into school to support and enhance learning in the digital age – teachers continuously work with students to develop skills in digital citizenship.

How We Define Success

  • Students see the value of their learning extending beyond the time and space of their years at Greystone
  • Students show growth in their physical, intellectual and social/emotional capacities
  • Through a competencies based instructional focus, students acquire the attitudes, skills, knowledge and values for living, learning and working
  • Students are engaged thinkers, demonstrate ethical citizenship and develop their entrepreneurial spirit

For more information contact:
Greystone Centennial Middle School
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