Greystone Centennial
Middle School (5–9)


Welcome to the basketball season!  We look forward to working with our enthusiastic student athletes to develop their basketball skills during the next four months.

Basketball Coaches

  • Senior Girls: TBA
  • Senior Boys: TBA
  • Junior A Girls: TBA
  • Junior A Boys: TBA
  • Junior B Girls: TBA
  • Junior B Boys: TBA

Spring League

Spring League Schedules for this school year will be posted here once available.

Team Philosophies

The two primary goals of our program are:

  1. To Do Right. This means to teach athletes the acceptable behaviours leading to individual and team success.
  2. To develop the athletes’ basketball skills within a competitive team environment.

Playing Time


Coaches will play all players during league games and tournament play. However, playing time given during each game is earned through effort, progress and attendance at practice. During tournament finals and championships, coaches will play their strongest lineup.


Coaches will play all players fairly during league games. Playing time given during each game is earned through effort, progress and attendance at practice. During tournament finals and championships, all will play but equal playing time may not occur.


Senior and Junior A teams participate in the West Central Junior High Athletic Association (WCJHAA).

  • Senior league games are played on Tuesdays
  • Junior A league games are played on Wednesdays

Junior B teams do not have a league but will play exhibition games based on gym availability. 

  • Start times are usually 4 and 5pm
  • Some away games will require travel


Parent volunteers are needed to transport students to games.  Coaches or other GCMS staff cannot transport students in their private vehicles. If you are willing to transport other children, or if your child will be driven by another parent, please review the AP 553: Student Transportation in Private Vehicles and complete the form included in it.


Senior and Junior A teams will have team uniforms. A $5 ever-greening fee and a separate deposit cheque of $50 is required.  The deposit cheque will not be cashed unless the uniform is not returned.  The ever-greening fee is used to purchase new uniforms as required.

All players receive a cotton t-shirt jersey, the cost is included in the player fees.

Student Athletes

At GCMS we take the term student athlete seriously.  The word student comes first as the students' primary responsibility is to take care of academics, and give their best effort on all assignments in order to remain eligible.  The Sportsmanship Agreement  is in place to help students focus on this goal. Second, the student is a representative of our school and must adhere to the school’s behavioural expectations. While we do not anticipate problems, it is only realistic for us to present how discipline issues will be dealt with. 


There will be fees assessed for students participating on our Basketball teams. These fees will cover the cost of officials, tournament entry fees and any clothing (other than the uniform).

Please see your child's coach for the fees for his/her team.

For more information contact:
Greystone Centennial Middle School
Phone: 780-962-0357