Greystone Centennial
Middle School (5–9)

Lunch Program

Hot Lunch

Greystone's Hot Lunch Program is optional and is a fundraiser for the Friends of Greystone (FOGS), with proceeds going to special school projects. The menus are designed to include foods enjoyed by middle school students. If you feel that the amount of food in the lunch is inadequate for your youth’s appetite,  please send additional food items.

All lunches are pre-ordered online at The Lunch Lady follows all food safety guidelines, as well as additional COVID-19 protocols. Lunches come individually packaged and labelled with each student's name.

How to Register for and Order Hot Lunch
  1. Visit
  2. Click on Sign Up to register for a new account, and choose one of the sign up methods - Facebook, Google or Email.
  3. Complete the rest of the registration form. Include your email address to receive reminders about hot lunch order deadlines, upcoming lunches and more information.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts, using the New button to add each Greystone student in your family to your account. Enter each student's name, school and homeroom, then click Save at the bottom of the window when you have finished.
  5. When you have completed the registration process and added all students, click on The Lunch Lady logo to return to the site homepage.
  6. Click Order Now and follow the prompts to complete your order.

Please note: Orders for Friday Hot Lunch must be received by Wednesday of the same week.

For more information, or if your require assistance, contact Greystone's Hot Lunch Coordinator at


Please note: Due to current provincial health measures, our canteen will remain closed until further notice.

We are committed to offering nutritious food and beverage choices for students. Our school canteen is open before school and during nutrition break to provide students an opportunity to purchase healthy snacks or lunches.

Menu (may vary)

Bear Paws $0.75
Crackers $1.00
Fresh Fruit $0.50
Frozen Dinners $2.50
Fruit Roll Ups $0.75
Smart Pop Popcorn $1.00
Sun Chips $1.00
Vitamin Water $2.50
Water Bottle $1.00
Yogurt $0.50

Forgotten Lunch Program

The Forgotten Lunch program is for students who have forgotten their lunch or did not bring a lunch. A volunteer from School Council or the Friends of Greystone Fundraising Society (FOGS) makes extra lunches consisting of healthy sandwiches and fruit cups, and these lunches are provided to children without a lunch of their own.

The student is required to get a lunch ticket from his or her teacher in order to track who is using this program. The Forgotten Lunch program was started up in March 2015 and will hopefully be continued from year to year. It is funded by FOGS, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Closed Campus

To promote student safety, Greystone Centennial Middle School is a closed campus which requires guests and visitors to check in with the school office.

Lunch Routine

  • Students eat lunch with other students from their Learning Community in a supervised place. After the assigned eating time, students are given an opportunity for recreation. All students in Grade 5 through 8 are expected to remain on school grounds during their recreation time.
  • If a student needs to leave school grounds, written permission from a parent/guardian must be sent to the homeroom teacher and the office.
  • Students with permission to go home for lunch must sign out and back in with the school office. 
  • Students arriving after the bell must report to the office for a late slip before going to class.

For more information contact:
Greystone Centennial Middle School
Phone: 780-962-0357