Greystone Centennial
Middle School (5–9)

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Greystone School Blogs & Social Media Pages

Learning Community Blogs & Social Media Pages

Many Learning Communities maintain blogs (and/or webpages) for the purpose of increased home-school communication. Some classrooms also use “Remind” in order to share information with students and families. Some examples of types of information that might be shared through these means are:

  • Homework
  • Assignment due dates
  • Learning updates
  • Study notes
  • Notices of upcoming events
  • Important links
  • Examples of student work

If you haven’t signed up for Remind yet, please ask your child’s classroom teacher for their code, and sign up here or download the app to your phone!

Learning Community 5

Learning Community 6

  • LC 6B
    • Remind Code: @5b2017gcms
  • LC 6P
    • Twitter
    • Remind Code: @lc6pechtel
  • LC 6R
    • Blog
    • Remind Code: @greystone5

Learning Community 7

Learning Community 8

  • LC 8L
    • Remind Code: @lc8lang

Learning Community 9

  • LC 9D
    • Remind Code: @all9