Greystone Centennial
Middle School (5–9)



June 27, 2019 - At the beginning of the year, Greystone Centennial Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) students had a conversation on the word gay, and how it is often used as a derogatory term within their school community. Using this word in a particular manner has the ability to continue to marginalize those who identify as LGBTQ+. They also identified that people who use that word, use it without recognizing it's power. The students of the GSA began exploring Public Service Announcements and how this style of messaging has the power to deliver information in a succinct and memorable way.

The Aspen Foundation awarded the school with a $1500 grant to help produce a PSA designed to support a marginalized group at the school.

Take a look at this great example of Wellness Culture, Meaningful Engagement and Confident Resilience, which are all enduring priorities of Parkland School Division.